10 Tips to Increase Your Email Opening and Clicks Rate
10 Tips to Increase Your Email Opening and Clicks Rate Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

10 Tips to Increase Your Email Opening and Clicks Rate

At the beginning of email marketing strategy, it is the matter that emails you send are opened by the users. First, emails you send need to be opened and than your message reaches to users and invites them to your site. Although this may sound a bit simple, in fact many companies can make very serious mistakes. Emails that are not well thought out create unnecessary costs and also reduce potential gains. 


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Why The Email You Send Are Not Opened?

The most common reasons behind the deciding not to open emails:

  • Not interested [Title/Subtitle are default]
  • Getting too many emails
  • No personalization
  • Being too busy
  • Not responsive emails
  • Being not in the mood
  • Not checking emails
  • No longer supportting the organization

The sender name and the subject line at the email you send are the most important factors to making them being opened and being read.

Such as, 64% of subscribers say they are likely to read your email because of who it’s from, and 47% of email recipients open an email based on the subject line. 

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1. Get Permission to Add to Your List

First of all, make sure people actually opt-in to get your emails. Whether you’re using single opt-in or double opt-in, the point is subscribers have to voluntarily give you their email address.

2. Make the Links Relevant, Entertaining and Helpful

If you have links placed in the middle of a lot of useful content that will help you, users will likely click on them.

You can also:

  • Give the user more than they expected. Add bonus or incentive to your content
  • If you use data in your email, people will often click through to learn more.

What you do matters, but why you do it matters much more.
- Unknown

3. Segment and Personalize Your List

Don't send all emails to everyone on your list. Personalization, which is one of the most effective tactics of today's world, is also very important in email marketing. Adding the recipient's name and a few personal details, reaching different segments with different content will increase your email opening rate. A study by Marketing Sherpa found that personalizing the subject line can increase open rates by over 17%.

You can segment your mailing list according to:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Location
  • Interests
  • Stage of the sales funnel
  • Purchase history
Today, 61% of all emails are now opened and read on mobile devices.

4. Be Sure Email Looks Fine 

Make your email responsive (mobile-friendly). Most of the people read on mobile devices than desktop computers, so this is important. Don't just put the key information in your image. 

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5. Test Different Email Templates

By creating different email templates, you can have best fit template for each email. Different groups have different properties and thus you can send more personalized emails with this way. You can achieve better results in email marketing by performing A / B testing to different templates. 

6. Take Care to Keep Your Emails Short

Very long emails can intimidate users. Therefore, make sure to prepare short and targeted content. It is important to keep in mind that users who receive countless emails during the day will not have much time to read these emails.

7. Send as a Real Person

Prefer "John from Stria" instead of "Stria". This is a method that works for most companies. However, you should still make the A/B tests and adjust it to your organization and segments.

8. Try Different Time of Day or Different Day of The Week

As always, you should customize it for your organization. Understand your costumer and decide later. According to a case study, involving more than one billion emails shows that emails open between 2 and 5 pm. Another case study shows exactly the opposite, "the highest open rates occur in the early morning hours and late in the evening".

9. Prepare The Call to Action Well

Perhaps the most important element for the clickthrough rate is the call-to-action message, which allows users to do the desired action, such as register now, try for free. To avoid confusing the users, you must write a single call-to-action message, send a message to remind buyers to wonder or rush, and proceed by testing whether the mail is more effective at the beginning or end of the email.

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10. Don't Mention a Discount All The Time

Don't only try to sell anything to your users in your emails. Continuously sending a slogans such as "Discount", "Buy Now", "Big Deal", "Limited Time Offer" will run off the users attention after a while, and users will be bored to see these kinds of messages.  


Some stats for reference:

  • Open rate: 24.79% (2016: 24.88%)
  • Click-through rate: 4.19% (3.42%)
  • Unsubscription rate: 0.49% (0.52%)
  • Click-to-open rate: 11.88% (10.88%)
  • Unsubscribe-to-open rate: 2.59% (2.72%)  


This article was updated on January 13, 2019