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How Emails are Managed at Stria via SendGrid

Email management is one of the foundations of web applications. Almost all web applications need a system that will send and (sometimes) receive emails. If you're also doing mail marketing, it can turn into a laborious job. In this case, you can write your own email service provider or you can integrate a third party providers such as SendGrid or Mailchimp

SendGrid is the third-party e-mail service provider which is used at Stria to send emails and manage campaigns. In this post, we will discuss how Stria manages emails and campaigns through SendGrid.

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10 Tips to Increase Your Email Opening and Clicks Rate

At the beginning of email marketing strategy, it is the matter that emails you send are opened by the users. First, emails you send need to be opened and than your message reaches to users and invites them to your site. Although this may sound a bit simple, in fact many companies can make very serious mistakes. Emails that are not well thought out create unnecessary costs and also reduce potential gains. 

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